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Agent Based Modelling

Research Team

Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade, Dr. Gilberto Câmara and Dr. Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro


Agent-based modelling (ABM) provides a bottom-up method for building complex systems. One of the important research challenges for ABM concerns how to represent human actions in a landscape. The agents have to be grounded to a representation of the world, on which they can sense and act. In these studies, ABM toolkits need to support different types of geospatial data. This work studies a model of geospatial entities and their relations for simulating complex spatial problems using the agent-based approach. We are developing an ABM extension for the TerraME software environment, called TerraME-ABM. We will develop examples of agent-based models that deal with spatial questions at different degrees of complexity. These models will explore various possibilities of connections between geospatial agents and geographical spaces.

Papers and Reports

Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems with Geospatial Agents. PhD Thesis Proposal, 2008.

Entities and Relations for Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Spatial Systems, P. R. Andrade, A. M. V. Monteiro, G. Câmara. I Brazilian Workshop on Social Simulation (BWSS/SBIA), Salvador, 2008.

Current status

Presentation of the current status of ABM in TerraME. Functions for agent-based modelling in TerraME and a simple example (under development)

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