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Amazonia: Land Change and Institutional Arrangements

This is the homepage of the research project Land Use Change in Amazonia: Institutional Analysis and Modelling at multiple temporal and spatial scales (LUA/IAM)“. Its full description is found here. This research is financed by FAPESP under its Program for Research on Climate Change.

Our core question is How interrelated are the trajectories of land systems and the evolution of institutional arrangements in Amazonia?

We will study how human-induced land change over the past 40 years results from the institutional arrangements that influence how the region´s resources are controlled and owned. These arrangements act upon land tenure, territorial planning, market chains, and public policies. We expect the project to provide the basis for developing more robust environmental models, which consider the complexity of social interactions in Amazonia.

We have produced a position paper on the relation between deforestation and technology trajectory for productive systems in Amazonia.

The homepage for the LUA/IAM project is found here .

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