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Multiscale Modelling Methodology

Research Team

Evaldinolia Gilbertoni Moreira, Dr. Gilberto Câmara and Dr. Ana Paula Dutra de Aguiar


Land change processes which are scale dependent may have different impacts at different localities of a given region. Restrictions and opportunities imposed by biophysical and socio-economic conditions, such as local policies and accessibility, may induce distinct land use trajectories at the micro scale. These local land use trajectories may on their turn indirectly affect other localities, as local processes interact at different scales. Such intraregional interactions cannot be captured by studies at a single scale, calling for multiscale and multilocality studies. We propose a conceptual framework to couple models with different scales and localities, combining diverse approaches.

Papers and Reports

Spatial relations across scales in land change models.Eva Moreira, Ana Aguiar, Sergio Costa, Gilberto Câmara. X Brazilian Symposium on Geoinformatics, GeoInfo 2008, Rio de Janeiro, 2008.

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