Games on Cellular Spaces: How Mobility Affects Equilibrium

P. R. Andrade, A. M. V. Monteiro, G. Camara, S. Sandri

This page contains the source code of the paper published in the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS), 12(1) p. 5, available at

The Model

  • Source code: Contains the initial model. The variations of this model can be generated by changing the parameters in the beginning of the source code. This model needs an auxiliary file with basic functions.
  • Database: A TerraLib database that contains the description of the space. Before running the model, correct the path of the database in the source code.

Environment for running the simulations

  • TerraView: A viewer of geographical data stored in a TerraLib database. It also provides a set of analysis tools. In this work, we use TerraView 3.2.0.
  • TerraME: TerraME is a development environment for spatial dynamical modelling that links cell spaces to geospatial databases for data storage and retrieval. It is available also as a Microsoft Installer.

How to run the simulation

To run the simulation, first copy the source code to the directory of TerraME. Then, open the command Prompt, go to TerraME directory, and then type:

  terrame.exe mobility.lua

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